Questions Unanswered, Answers Unquestioned

God Bless America



Lexington, Concord, 

Breed’s and Bunker Hill.

Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine and Bloody Creek,

“I will face the enemy.”

Saratoga, Germantown,

Typhus, frostbite, starvation,

Bootless feet in scarlet snow, Valley Forge.

Monmouth, Savannah, John Paul Jones and

“Surrender be damned, I have not begun to fight!”

Charleston, Camden, King’s Mountain to Cowpens,

Hobkirks Hill to Eutaw Springs,



Then the guns went quiet, 

The last volley flew,

Twenty-five thousand lay quiet

Twenty-five thousand lay still. 




Raisin River, Sacketts Harbor,

The Battle of Lake Erie,

“We have met the enemy, and they are ours.”

Horseshoe Bend, 

The Battle of Lake Champlain,

Fort McHenry and the rockets red glare,

New Orleans.


And the guns went quiet,

Air hung still,

Twelve-thousand lay quiet,

Twelve-thousand lay still.


The Alamo.


Fort Sumter.

Fort Donelson and Shiloh,

Rebels and Bluecoats,

Sword and powder,

Canister shot, grape shot, broken faces and boys.

Bull Run, Antietam, Stone’s River,

Chancellorsville, Gettysburg,

Pickett’s charge, Cemetery Ridge,

“The last full measure of devotion.”

Scurvy, malaria, dysentery, gangrene,


Chickamauga, The Wilderness,

Sherman’s March, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor,

“And with malice toward none,”



Then the guns went quiet,

Glory, Hallelujah, the quiet,

Six-hundred thousand lay quiet,

Six hundred thousand lay still.


                     - Excerpt from "Home"


God Bless the veterans, the families they left. God Bless America, the nation they built.

God Bless America, July 4th, 2017.


Stephan Martiniere is back! The winner of numerous "Best Book Cover of the Year" awards, Stephan has agreed to do the cover of "David: Savakerrva, Book 2." And yes, he's also the talent behind the cover of Book 1, so we're going to have some nice symmetry here. Look for the completed artwork some time in September, and without giving anything away, it will depict a scene completely unlike the cover of Book 1. 

Can't wait!

Call for Reviews!

As of tonight, 15 readers have posted reviews on Amazon, but to be seen in this jungle, we'll need about 1,000 more. So if you've enjoyed Book 1 about the boy from Detroit, you're enthusiastically invited to post your thoughts on And if you bought the e-book, please use the same email address you used for that transaction; Amazon gives more weight to a "Verified Purchase." Thanks in advance to all who dare to review!  

Check out the Bruckner Newsletter!

Thanks, John Berky!

John is the Executive Secretary of the Bruckner Society of America,  and he has posted the cover of "David: Savakerrva, Book 1" (and also a few lines of dialogue from the book re: the composer):

It all appears  in the May newsletter dedicated to all things Anton Bruckner.

Thanks for spreading the word, John, much appreciated!

And the first reviews........................are in!

Thanks Monica and Randy for both rolling the dice to read David's story and then, taking the time to write some feedback!  I suspect he wasn't sure how his tale would be received, but wherever he is, it must feel good to finally be believed.