Artwork and Attribution

Based on the description of a ravager machine on the Ocean of Ice, Stephan Martiniere illustrated the cover (below).  

And because of all the compliments, the gusts of whoas and wows, we're providing a link to the rest of his portfolio.  So if

you like the view?  Just click the cover for more.  




Attribution for Website Content

     Entry Page

               Adobestock: 117964434

     Embers and Sparks


                Top image: iStock 102362749

                Bottom image: Cover art by Stephan Martiniere, Cover text placement by Dan Van Oss

                 Book Trailer video: 

                            Stars: Adobestock 117964434

                            Transition: POND5 020495647

                            Planet:  Shutterstock 227293252, iStock 25910905, iStock 102012223, iStock 64080215,

                                           iStock 501334140, Shutterstock 811979935

                             Ravager: Stephan Martiniere

                             Boy in Hood: iStock 102362749

                             Night Cloud: Dreamstime 49393493                            


                 Bruckner's 4th: MUSOPEN, Creative Commons

                 Bruckner's 9th: via

                 Sound Effects: Future_Interference_Drone, Smashing_Explosion, Winds_Vent_Wind 07527301


     Detroit, the East Side


                 Bloomfield Hills, Dreamstime 56059050

                 Old Packard Plant, Dreamstime 56067924

                 Dreamstime 51147685

                 Dreamstime 51147959

                 POND5 034995645

                  POND5 035513422

                 POND5 032357537

                 1965 DETROIT DV ARCHIVE 999-0727-PD1

                 Shutterstock 356260469

                 POND5 Boy in MCS Hallway

                POND5 046819186

                Dreamstime 49393493

                iStock 102362749


                Symphony # 6 in F Major, Beethoven, Skidmore College Orchestra, MUSOPEN, No Copyright

                Boneyard, POND5, 041473655

                Helicopter, Freesound 94867

                V-8,, 01563

                Jackhammer, POND5, 066851963

                Background Noise, Freesound 254026

                Rumble, Freesound 43158


C'raagh, the Cold Side


                  Shutterstock v1669936

                  Shutterstock 361567406

                  Shutterstock 115034338

                  Shutterstock Streak of Blue

                  Shutterstock 141154738

                  iStock 64037441

                  iStock 102362749



       , Bugle

       , Drums



            Shutterstock 287705705



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