Embers and Sparks

Congratulations on surviving the River Afar, 

you've arrived!

And welcome to the starry outpost for

David: Savakerrva, Book 1,

   the story of a boy from Detroit who may not be just a boy from Detroit.

But whoever he is and whatever his fate, the thrill of his tale

may lie less in the answers and more in the trip,

in his odyssey unfolding,

the Trials and Deeds to come.


And he may not make it, whatever his "it" might be, for just like every life,

few things desired meet our expectation or hope.  So the best we can do,

all we'll promise is wherever he goes and whatever may come,

we'll listen to the boy and relay his tales until such time as either or both

shall pass.  


This opening page casts a faint light, a few embers and sparks, 

on the background of a young man from Detroit.

Tapping either image on this page summons a brief trailer

for "David: Savakerrva, Book 1."  


And for those alien to the two worlds described in the book,

please visit

Detroit, the East Side and C'raagh, the Cold Side.

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Questions Unanswered, Answers Unquestioned,

and we welcome all comments at Feedbacks.  

Finally, for those who've already read Book 1,

you can discover what happens next (via password) at Chapter 1, Book 2.